How to Collect Coins

United States Coins

This guide will give you valuable information every collector should know about how to collect coins. But beyond a few basics, coin collecting is almost limitless in its variety. As your knowledge increases, you’ll find your own favorite coins and ways to collect. Once you kindle your interest in coins, you’ll have adopted a hobby that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!

How to Collect Coins

For thousands of years, mankind has been attracted to collecting. Whether it is rocks, shells, books, tools or coins, collecting awakens curiosity and interest in all of us. Collecting makes time stand still, and brings the past along with us. If nothing were saved, we would have no knowledge of the past – except for what we read or are told. And bygone days would slip into obscurity.

With collectibles, the past comes to life. It is remembered through objects that people who lived before us actually used. And this is especially true of coins, for they were (and are) the means of daily commerce. When you hold a 50, 200 or 2,000-year-old coin in your hand, you can’t help but imagine where it might have been in its lifetime!

Coins are historical reminders. Whether old coins, or more recent commemorating important people or events, you are holding an important piece of history right in your hand!