How to Collect Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins

It's always an adventure when you collect old coins. And that's especially true when they're really old. Ancient coin collecting can be both awe-inspiring and exciting. Imagine owning a coin struck before the time of Christ – and holding it in your hand instead of looking at it in a museum case!

Delving into the world of ancient, medieval and other extremely old coins opens a fascinating window into history, allowing collectors to connect with civilizations long past.

How to Collect Ancient, Medieval and Other Very Old Coins

Because ancient coins are the basis for all modern types of coins, ancient coin collecting is an important area of numismatics. Most collectors choose ancient coins based on obverse designs, though some enjoy the various reverse designs as well.

One of the most popular ways to collect ancient Roman coins is by emperor, as most bear a portrait of the issuing ruler. In fact, some rulers are only known to us today because of their portrait coins! What's more, sometimes these old coins provide archaeologists with a means of dating a site. However, while it is possible to collect coins from nearly all of the Roman emperors, some are difficult to find because the emperors ruled for such a short time.

As you build your collection of ancient Roman coins, and broaden your horizons to collect old coins from various other ancient civilizations, you'll enjoy an amazing variety of portraits spanning more than 500 years. Plus uncover the incredible stories of the men and women that they portray!

Holding History in Your Hands

When you collect old coins, whether they are from ancient, medieval or classical eras, it helps to educate yourself on the historical context. And that's especially true with ancient coins. Understanding the era, issuing authority and significance of the coinage will not only enhance your appreciation. It will also aid you in making informed decisions as you buy and sell your coins.

Remember, each old coin is a piece of history. And the more you know about it, the more enriched your experience will be.

Expanding Your Collection

As you grow your ancient coin collection, don't limit yourself to a specific period or region. Embrace the diversity of ancient and old coins. Explore the intricate designs, inscriptions and minting techniques that vary from civilization to civilization.

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