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with Littleton's Virtual Albums!

Littleton's Virtual Albums

Your entire collection is just a click away!

"You never know when, or where, you'll want to know exactly what's in your collection – on the road or on vacation – at a coin shop or a coin show – at a flea market or an estate auction..." – Rick S.

With Littleton's Virtual Albums, you'll have a complete record of the coins in your collection at your fingertips – anytime and anywhere! The albums are easy, free and fun to use. And the dates, mint marks, varieties and grades of your coins will be just a click away:

  • Add a virtual album for a series in your collection, like Lincoln cents or National Park quarters. Every album includes labeled spots for each date and mint mark in the series.
  • Add your coins to your virtual album. For each coin, you can include details like grade, certification, variety, and any other notes. You'll see at a glance which coins you've added – and which coins you need to complete the series.
  • Purchase coins you need to complete a series from Littleton's vast online store (and you'll earn Littleton Rewards Points redeemable for FREE merchandise!)

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Littleton's Virtual Albums

Keep your entire collection in your pocket with Littleton's Virtual Albums!