Littleton's Custom Coin Collecting Folders & Albums

Coin collection albums and folders provide an easy way to store and organize your coin collection by series, as well as help you track the coins you already own and those you still need to find. They also help protect your collection.

And that's important. You've invested time and money searching for each of your coins. So it only makes sense to display and protect them in a way that lets you enjoy them for years to come. Littleton has the solution with our coin collection supplies.

Coin Collecting Folders and Albums for Long-term Protection

  • Heavy duty construction for long-term protection
  • Acid-free glues won't harm coins
  • pH-neutral coin board, safe and warp-free
  • PVC-free, crystal-clear slides won't yellow
  • Acid-free papers to help preserve coins
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Littleton's sturdy albums feature 3-ring binder construction so pages lie flat for easy viewing.

Littleton's sturdy albums feature 3-ring binder construction so pages lie flat for easy viewing.

Heavy-duty construction for long-term protection

Heavy-duty construction for long-term protection

Made in USA

Custom Coin Collection Albums to protect your coins

Because Littleton Coin Company has helped collectors enjoy the hobby and build their coin and paper money collections since 1945, it was only natural to develop an exclusive line of coin collection albums and folders. These custom coin collecting folders and albums, which feature mintage figures and series information, have become the supplies of choice for many collectors. Littleton offers more than 40 albums that feature:

  • Archival-quality material to help protect your collection
  • Sturdy 3-ring binder construction that makes it easy to add or remove album pages
  • Durable pages with solid brass eyelets lie flat when the album is open for easy viewing of your coins
  • Labeled spaces for dates and mint marks for easy tracking of your collection

Collectors love them. Just ask this satisfied customer, who said this about our custom collection albums and folders:

"I am proud to show my collection, but that increases a hundredfold when they are in your LCC Custom Albums. The albums are easy to use and show the collection to the best advantage!"
—K.A., Topeka, KS

Affordable Custom Coin Collection Folders

Littleton also offers more than 30 economical custom coin folders. Like our custom albums, they are made in the U.S.A. with archival quality materials. And their slim design makes for easy storage and display.

Littleton folders feature labeled spaces for dates and mint marks. As well as mintage figures and series information – making them perfect for young collectors and those who are collecting on a budget.


Personalize your Coin Folders & Albums

Now you can also personalize your Littleton custom albums and folders! When you purchase any of our titles, you can add personalization. So it's easy to make your collection uniquely yours, or give a gift that's truly personal!

Add your name or a special message – up to 30 characters (including spaces). We'll emboss your message on the front in handsome gold-colored foil to match your folder or album's title. To add personalization, follow the instructions in your shopping cart when ordering online. (Note: Personalized items cannot be cancelled or returned except when due to defect.)

Personalized Custom Album

Your message embossed on a Littleton Custom Album in gold-colored foil

Protect your coins with our archival-quality albums & folders!