Littleton’s Coin Holder Guide

Easily find the right holders for your coins

Now it's so easy to find the right coin holders for your collection! Below is a list of many U.S. and World coin types with their respective sizes.

Coin Holders, Coin Tubes, Air-Tite Holders


TypeIssue DatesSize
American Eagle Silver Dollar1986-date40mm
Presidential Dollar2007-date26mm
Sacagawea Dollar2000-date26mm
Susan B. Anthony Dollar1979-1981, 199926mm
Eisenhower Dollar1971-197838mm
Peace Dollar1921-193538mm
Morgan Dollar1878-1904, 192138mm
Trade Dollar1873-188538mm
Liberty Seated Dollar1840-187339-40mm

Half Dollars

TypeIssue DatesSize
Kennedy Half Dollar1964-date30mm
Franklin Half Dollar1948-196330mm
Liberty Walking Half Dollar1916-194730mm
Barber Half Dollar1892-191530mm
Liberty Seated Half Dollar1839-189130mm
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Small Size1836-183930mm
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Large Size1807-183632mm
Draped Bust Half Dollar1796-180732mm
Flowing Hair Half Dollar1794-179532mm


TypeIssue DatesSize
National Park Quarters2010-date24mm
District of Columbia & Territories Quarters200924mm
Statehood Quarters1999-200824mm
Washington Quarter1932-199824mm
Standing Liberty Quarter1916-193024mm
Barber Quarter1892-191624mm
Liberty Seated Quarter1838-189124mm
Capped Bust Quarter, Small Size1831-183824mm
Capped Bust Quarter, Large Size1815-182827mm
Draped Bust Quarter1796-180727mm


TypeIssue DatesSize
Roosevelt Dime1946-date18mm
Mercury Dime1916-194518mm
Barber Dime1892-191618mm
Liberty Seated Dime1837-189118mm
Capped Bust Dime1809-183719mm
Draped Bust Dime1796-180719mm


TypeIssue DatesSize
Jefferson Nickel2007-date21mm
Westward Journey Nickel2004-200621mm
Jefferson Nickel1938-200321mm
Buffalo Nickel1913-193821mm
Liberty Head Nickel1883-191221mm
Shield Nickel1866-188320mm

Small Cents

TypeIssue DatesSize
Lincoln Shield Cent2010-date19mm
Lincoln Bicentennial Cent200919mm
Lincoln Memorial Cent1959-200819mm
Lincoln Wheat Cent1909-195819mm
Indian Head Cent1859-190919mm
Flying Eagle Cent1856-185819mm

Large Cents

TypeIssue DatesSize
Braided Hair Cent1839-185727mm
Matron Head Cent1816-183928-29mm
Classic Head Cent1808-181429mm
Draped Bust Cent1796-180729mm
Flowing Hair Cent (Liberty Cap)1793-179629mm
Flowing Hair Cent (Wreath Reverse)179326-28mm
Flowing Hair Cent (Chain Reverse)179326-27mm

Obsolete U.S. Coinage

TypeIssue DatesSize
Twenty Cent1875-187822mm
Liberty Seated Half Dime1837-187315mm
Capped Bust Half Dime1829-183715mm
Draped Bust Half Dime1796-180516mm
Flowing Hair Half Dime1794-179516mm
Nickel Three Cent1865-188918mm
Silver Three Cent1851-187314mm
Two Cent1864-187323mm
Coronet Half Cent1840-185723mm
Classic Head Half Cent1809-183623mm
Draped Bust Half Cent1800-180823mm
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Right1794-179723mm
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Left179322mm

United States Gold

TypeIssue DatesSize
$1 Liberty Head (Type 1)1849-185413mm
$1 Indian Princess Head (Types 2 & 3)1854-188915mm
$2½ Capped Bust1796-180820mm
$2½ Capped Head, Classic Head, Liberty Head,
& Indian Head Quarter Eagle
$2½ Commemoratives1926-date18mm
$3 Indian Princess Head1854-188920mm
$4 Stella1879-188022mm
$5 Capped Bust, Capped Head (Large Diameter) Half Eagle1795-182925mm
$5 Capped Head (Reduced Diameter) Half Eagle1829-183423mm
$5 Classic Head Half Eagle1834-183822mm
$5 Liberty Head & Indian Head Half Eagle1839-192921mm
$10 Capped Bust Eagle1795-180433mm
$10 Liberty Head & Indian Head Eagle1838-193327mm
$20 Double Eagle1849-193334mm
$50 Commemorative191540mm

Modern Commemoratives

TypeIssue DatesSize
Half Dollar1982-date30mm
$5 Gold1982-date22mm
$10 Gold1982-date27mm

American Eagle Gold & Platinum

TypeIssue DatesSize
110 Ounce1986-date16mm
¼ Ounce1986-date22mm
½ Ounce1986-date27mm
1 Ounce1986-date32mm