Looking for coin collecting supplies? Here at Littleton Coin Company, you'll find a wide selection of supplies for coin collectors, including archival-quality coin holders, folders, albums, magnifiers and more. Whether you're looking for tools of the trade or a perfect way to store, protect and display your collection, our assortment of coin collection supplies has you covered. Not sure what you need? Learn more about the coin supplies we offer below!

Finding the Right Holder Starts With Size

The first step to organizing your U.S. and foreign coins is to know their sizes, so you'll know which coin holders fit your coins. That's why we created this handy coin holder guide to help you identify each coin's size. For convenience, all the coins are rendered in millimeters (mm).

Individual Holders

Individual holders are a great way to protect your loose coins and paper currency while still organizing your collection. Learn more in this helpful article from Littleton's Heads & Tails blog.

Folder and Album Holders

Some of the most important supplies for coin collectors are folders and albums. These serve a dual purpose: First, they let you organize your collection by series. And second, they help you keep track of which coins or notes you have and which you still need. Equally important, albums and folders help protect your coins – even while you display them. Want to know more? Our Heads & Tails blog has a great article on modern album and folder design, which takes you through the time machine and includes the most spectacular "album" we've ever seen!

Hard-Shell and Tamper-Resistant Holders

More and more, grade-certified coins are collected in holders made of hard-shell, tamper-resistant plastic with labels that attest to their classification. You can learn more in this blog article on hard-shell plastic holders. You can even get custom boxes sized to these holders, including ones for our popular Showpaks that include mini story cards about each encapsulated coin!

Magnifiers – The Trusted Tools

Whether you're looking for a key date on a coin or the fiber threads on paper money, a magnifier is more than a tool. It's one of the most helpful coin collector supplies you can own. Not sure which to buy? This helpful post on magnifiers describes six different types to help you decide which magnifier will best meet your needs.

Lighting Tips For Best Viewing

Learn what coin collecting supplies will help you create a consistent viewing environment in this how-to article about lighting.

Starter Coin Supplies

Coin and paper currency collecting is an immensely satisfying hobby. Filled with beauty and intrigue, it lets you visit anywhere in the world – and any time in history – from the comfort of your home. Or, if you prefer, you can travel to trade shows and meet up with fellow collectors whose curiosity and enthusiasm matches your own. This Heads & Tails blog article opens the door to what coin collecting supplies you'll need to get started.