Presidential Dollars Collection

Presidential Dollar Error Coins

America's golden dollars have been popular with collectors ever since they were first issued. Since these were the first U.S. dollars in over 200 years to feature edge lettering, the possibility of mistakes from mechanical malfunction is great. Some interesting errors have been found and are in collectors' hands, while others may be awaiting discovery by keen-eyed individuals. Here are a few of the most famous errors found to date in the 2007-2016 Presidential dollar series.

2007 George Washington Dollar (Missing Edge Lettering)

2007 George Washington Dollar (Missing Edge Lettering)

George Washington Dollar Error

These coins caused a sensation in the collecting world when they were discovered shortly after the start of the Presidential dollar series. After the obverse and reverse of these dollars are struck, the coins are sent through a machine that applies the edge lettering. Somehow, a number of pieces missed the edge lettering step, and escaped the mint! Since the motto in god we trust was included as part of the edge lettering for the first two years of the series, these missing edge lettering pieces became known as "godless dollars" in the press. Starting in 2009, the motto in god we trust was moved to the coins' obverse.

Lettered Blank Planchets


Golden dollar blank planchets with edge lettering that were struck from 2007-2008 can be attributed to the Presidential dollar series. From 2009-date, it's impossible to tell whether the planchet was intended as a Presidential or Native American dollar, as both series had edge lettering beginning that year.

Lettered Blank Planchets

Blank Golden Dollar Planchet

2007 John Adams Dollar (Doubled Edge Lettering)

Kansas quarter design

John Adams Dollar Errors

Honoring America's second president, these dollar coins were sent through the press that implants the edge lettering twice. Coins have been found with two major varieties:

Overlapped Errors feature doubled edge lettering running in the same direction (fed into the press with the same side up).

Inverted Errors feature doubled edge lettering running in opposite directions and upside down (fed into the press with the opposite side up).

Following the discovery of the errors on these John Adams dollars, the U.S. Mint tightened its quality control and inspection procedures. Those changes could make these coins the last major errors to appear in the Presidential dollar series!