Coin Folders

Littleton's Attractive and Affordable Coin Folders • Having the right supplies is an important part of collecting. Every collector needs a way to store and display their coins. That's why Littleton offers a complete line of attractive and affordable coin folders and collecting supplies.

A Coin Folder For Every Collection

You'll find Littleton's folders to fit any collection, whether you prefer to collect by coin type or date and mint mark. You'll find coin folders for virtually every denomination and series. Including Flying Eagle & Indian Head cents... Mercury dimes... National Park quarters... Kennedy halves... U.S. Innovation dollars and more. Plus, folders for specialty series and Littleton exclusives!

The Perfect Way to Store Your Collection

Littleton's coin folders are designed by collectors for collectors, and perfect for both novice and experts alike. Each folder is made in the U.S.A. from sturdy, archival-quality and acid-free materials. While precision die-cut, labeled spaces make it easy to organize your coins. Which means they're an affordable way to safely store your growing collection.

Collectors Love Littleton's Coin Folders

When it comes to choosing the right collecting supplies, collectors love Littleton coin folders. Just ask these satisfied customers:

"Great service! Your coin folders are by far the best I have seen, far superior to others. Many thanks!"  – D.D., College Station, TX

"I really like the fact that your archival quality coin folder is Made in the U.S.A."  – L.T., Northampton, MA

"The 50 State Quarter folder is just great! It takes up little space and it's so neat and organized. I've been searching for such folders for quite a while... such a great price and a fantastic quality!"  – M.H., Brooklyn, NY

"I am particularly pleased with your coin folders. They are strong, well made and good looking."  – C.T., Guilford, CT

"The new folders that I just purchased are 100% better than my other folders. Yours are just awesome. Way to go!"  – M.C., Jacksonville, FL