Littleton’s Coin Holder Guide

[photo: coin holders, coin tubes, Air-Tite holders]

Easily find the right holders for your coins

Now it's so easy to find the right coin holders for your collection! Below is a list of many U.S. and World coin types with their respective sizes.

U.S. Coin Sizes World Coin Sizes


Type Size
Silver Maple Leaf Dollar 38mm
Cent (1876-1920) 25mm
Cent (1921-date) 19mm
Nickel (1870-1921) 15mm
Nickel (1922-date) 21mm
Dime 18mm
Quarter 24mm
Half Dollar (1870-1966) 30mm
Half Dollar (1968-date) 27mm
Dollar (silver, 1935-1967) 36mm
Dollar (nickel, 1968-date) 32mm
$1 Loon 26mm
$2 28mm
$5 38mm
120 Ounce Maple Leaf 14mm
110 Ounce Maple Leaf 16mm
¼ Ounce Maple Leaf 20mm
½ Ounce Maple Leaf 25mm
1 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf 30mm
1 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf 38mm


Type Size
Cent 16mm
Two Cent 19mm
Five Cent 21mm
Ten Cent 20mm
Twenty Cent 22mm
Fifty Cent 24mm
1 Euro 23mm
2 Euro 26mm

Great Britain

Type Size
½ Penny 25mm
Penny 31mm
1 Shilling 24mm
2 Shilling 28mm
½ Sovereign 19mm
1 Sovereign 22mm
Farthing 19mm
1 Pound 22mm
2 Pound Silver Britannia (2013-date) 38.61mm (use 39mm holder)
2 Pound Silver Britannia (1997-2012) 40mm
Churchill Dollar 38mm


Type Size
110 Ounce Gold Philharmonics 16mm
¼ Ounce Gold Philharmonics 22mm
½ Ounce Gold Philharmonics 28mm
1 Ounce Gold Philharmonics 37mm
10 Corona 19mm
20 Corona 21mm
100 Corona 37mm


Type Size
120 Ounce Gold Bullion 14mm
110 Ounce Gold Bullion 16mm
¼ Ounce Gold Bullion 20mm
½ Ounce Gold Bullion 25mm
½ Ounce Silver Bullion 32mm
1 Ounce Gold Bullion 32mm
1 Ounce Silver Bullion 41mm
2 Ounce Gold Bullion 41mm
Penny 31mm
Three Pence 16mm
Six Pence 19mm
$1 Australian 25mm
$2 Australian 20mm
Shilling 24mm


Type Size
120 Ounce Gold Panda 14mm
110 Ounce Gold Panda 18mm
110 Ounce Silver Panda 19mm
¼ Ounce Gold Panda 22mm
¼ Ounce Silver Panda 26mm
½ Ounce Gold Panda 27mm
½ Ounce Silver Panda 31mm
1 Ounce Gold Panda 32mm
1 Ounce Silver Panda 40mm

South Africa

Type Size
110 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 16mm
¼ Ounce Gold Krugerrand 22mm
½ Ounce Gold Krugerrand 27mm
1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 33mm
1 Ounce Silver Krugerrand 39mm
1 Rand 19mm
2 Rand 22mm


Type Size
120 Ounce Silver Mexican 16mm
110 Ounce Silver Mexican 20mm
¼ Ounce Silver Mexican 23mm
½ Ounce Silver Mexican 29mm
1 Ounce Silver Mexican 35mm
1 Ounce Libertad 36-40mm
Maximillian 10mm
2 Peso 13mm
2½ Peso 16mm
5 Peso Gold 19mm
10 Peso 22mm
20 Peso 27mm
50 Peso 37mm
100 Peso 37mm
5 Peso Silver 40mm

Isle of Man

Type Size
120 Ounce Gold Cat 14mm
110 Ounce Gold Cat 18mm
15 Ounce Gold Cat 22mm
½ Ounce Gold Cat 30mm
1 Ounce Gold Cat 33mm
1 Ounce Silver Proof Cat 39mm
1 Ounce Nickel Cat 39mm