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Coin Display Holders

Coin holders offer collectors an excellent opportunity to make their collection truly unique. And selecting the right holders for your coins and paper money helps you enjoy them for years to come!

Some of the most popular display holders used by Littleton Coin Company collectors are display cases, Air-Tite holders and storage boxes. When it comes to coin display, there's nothing quite like a coin display case. Littleton Coin Company offers handsome leatherette coin display cases both for single coins and sets. These display holders can accommodate a coin in select Air-Tite holders, and are hinged to close firmly, fully protecting your favorite coins.

Speaking of Air-Tite holders – these clear, hard plastic coin holders offer easy viewing of both sides of your coins. They're available from Littleton Coin Company in two options – direct fit (you'll get the best fit with these coin holders if they're used to hold Uncirculated coins), or with fitted foam rubber rings. The coin holders with the foam rubber rings hold coins firmly in place and safeguard against air and moisture.

Storage boxes for larger collections

For those collectors who enjoy coins in Showpaks®, Mint Sets, Proof Sets and more, Littleton Coin Company also offers an array of storage boxes. These storage boxes offer a great way to organize and store a larger collection of coins, plus they fit easily on most shelves!

Other options for people interested in customizing their collection with coin holders are coin tubes, sturdy hard plastic holders, SAFLIP® double-pocket holders, self-seal holders and more!

Display holders for paper money

If you're looking for display holders to organize a paper money collection, there are plenty of exciting options! From archival-quality currency pages to heavyweight currency holders, custom album pages and more... there are display holders to accommodate every collection!

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Products: (  1 - 24 of 119  )