Coin Collector Starter Kits

Let the experts at Littleton Coin help jump start your collection with our wide selection of coin collector starter kits and guides!

Here you'll find beginner coin collecting kits and paper money collecting kits spanning a wide range of interests. Choose coin collecting kits for popular favorites like Innovation dollars, U.S. Women quarters, Kennedy half dollars and more. Or choose kits for specific time periods and major events, from ancient empires to the modern era. You can even jump start your collection with coin collection starter kits like 100 Coins from 100 Countries or World Coins by the Pound!

Many of our coin collecting starter kits come with accessories and supplies such as albums, cases, folders and more to help you protect and display your growing collection. As well as gloves for safe handling and magnifiers that allow you to see intricate details and evaluate the current condition of your collection whenever you wish.

Shop single products and sets in a variety of grades, years and more to begin building your new collection. Whichever you choose, your coin collector starter kit from Littleton Coin will help you enjoy your new hobby for years to come.