Classic American Coin Set - Cents (9 coins)


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Celebrate coinage history with a fascinating 9-coin set containing one of each U.S. cent design from 1860-2010. They'll enjoy:

  • Indian Head – century-old bronze classic of 1860-1909!
  • Lincoln "Wheatie" – original Lincoln cent reverse of 1909-1958
  • 1943 Reprocessed Steel Cent – struck one year only during WWII
  • Lincoln Memorial – minted from 1959-2008 and now out of issue!
  • All 4 Bicentennial issues – one-year-only 2009 designs honoring four stages in Abraham Lincoln's life
  • Union Shield – began with this historic 2010 Lincoln cent!

This set comes displayed in Littleton's exclusive and informative packaging. Makes a handsome and affordable gift!