World Castles Note Set with Holder


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You can turn your castle dreams into reality with this magnificent bank note collection:

  • 2001 Croatia 5 Kuna Note – Varazdin Castle, a medieval fortress whose rounded towers and moat were built to thwart invasions by the Ottoman Turks; note’s design includes floor plan.
  • 1994 Estonia 5 Krooni Note – Hermann Castle (left) built in 1256 by the Danes and Ivangorod Fortress built by Ivan the Great in 1492 ensured access to the Baltic Sea from the Narva River.
  • ND (2004) Jersey 1 £ Note – Gorey Castle built to protect the English from French invasions; French occupation two centuries later resulted in a name change to Mont Orgueil (Mount Pride) Castle.
  • 2000 Scotland 1 £ Note – Edinburgh Castle, a humble hill fort during the Iron Age, was built into a walled palace , with service as a royal residence, military garrison, prison and fortress.
  • 2018 Hungary 500 Forint – Sárospatak Castle is a combination of Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic architectural styles and is regarded as the seat of Hungarian independence.
  • 2000 Belarus 50,000 Rubles – Mir Castle’s Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural features are highlighted on the front; the back features the bastion’s famous fortification art.
  • 2015 Russia 100 Rubles Note – Swallow’s Nest is a Gothic Revival Palace built by a Russian oil industrialist in 1912 on the tip of the Crimean Peninsula overlooking the Black Sea.

This richly illustrated seven-note set is a must-have for collectors of world currency, famous castle-forts, plus history and architecture enthusiasts. The set comes with a story card and FREE pocket album – a $9.95 value! Start your adventure by ordering today.