The Whole History of Grandfather’s Chair

[illustration: The Whole History of Grandfather's Chair]

In the 1840 story, The Whole History of Grandfather's Chair, Massachusetts author Nathaniel Hawthorne tells the tale of the wedding of John Hull's daughter. In a passage, Hawthorne describes Hull's attire and the decorative Pine Tree coinage:

"On the wedding day, we may suppose that honest John Hull dressed himself in a plum-colored coat, all the buttons of which were made of pine-tree shillings. The buttons of his waistcoat were sixpences; and the knees of his small-clothes were buttoned with silver threepences. Thus attired, he sat with great dignity in Grandfather's chair..."

As a dowry, Hull gave the groom his daughter "Betsy's" weight in Pine Tree Shillings. Although the mintmaster did have a daughter, her name was Hannah, and the groom received £500, not her weight in shillings.