Lincoln Head Cents Collection

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There are several different ways to assemble a rewarding date and mint mark collection. However, starting with a variety of Lincoln cent issues is a great way to learn about the series and to begin your collection.

This starter coin checklist can be used to help you start a Lincoln Head Cent Collection. Most Lincoln cent coin collections are created by collecting one cent of each date and mint mark combination (1936-S, 1962-D, etc.), with the end goal of having one example of each combination for every year in the series. Many people add to their collections by including well-known errors and the notorious V.D.B. cents.

Lincoln Head Cent

Lincoln Head cent; mint mark location is on the obverse.

If you acquire coins with the following starter checklist, you'll get a good overview of Lincoln cents. Begin with Wheat Cents (1909-1958) by choosing one from each mint – a Philadelphia "no mint mark", a Denver "D" mint mark, and a San Francisco "S" mint mark (years of issue are indicated on each line). Then acquire Memorial cents the same way, choosing one from each mint for each year issued (1959-2008). After you have collected one of each design and mint mark, you can begin filling in any remaining issues at your own preferred pace. You can also download our complete Lincoln Cent Checklist to track your growing collection.

Littleton offers a range of grades for most issues of the Lincoln series. While you may be able to acquire easier-to-find Lincoln cents in mint Uncirculated grades, you'll find that scarcer issues command a premium in all grades. See our entire selection of Lincoln cents, and go to our grading guide for more about the condition of coins. You can choose grades that suit your preference and your budget, keeping in mind that coin collecting should be fun, convenient and affordable. As you learn more about the Lincoln series, you'll discover which coins are right for your own personal collection!

Please note: Lincoln cents have been minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco and are referred to as (P), D, and S, respectively. However, mintage histories vary and not every date exists for each mint. Remember that cents from Philadelphia do not carry a mint mark and are referred to without a P in their name. Read more about the U.S. Mints.

Lincoln Head Cents Starter Collection

Also available: our complete Lincoln Cent Checklist


Wheat Ears Reverse
(P)1909-1921, 1923-1958Wheat Ears (P)
D 1911-1920, 1922, 1924-1958Wheat Ears D
S1909-1921, 1923-1931, 1935-1955Wheat Ears S

Memorial Reverse
(P)1959-2008Memorial (P)
D 1959-1964, 1968-2008Memorial D
S1968-1974Memorial S

Bicentennial Reverse: Birthplace
(P)2009Birthplace (P)
D 2009Birthplace D
S 2009Birthplace S

Bicentennial Reverse: Birthplace
(P)2009Formative Years (P)
D 2009Formative Years D
S 2009Formative Years S

Bicentennial Reverse: Professional Life
(P)2009Professional Life (P)
D 2009Professional Life D
S 2009Professional Life S

Bicentennial Reverse: Presidency
(P)2009Presidency (P)
D 2009Presidency D
S 2009Presidency S

Shield Reverse
(P)2010-DateShield (P)
D 2010-DateShield D
S 2010-DateShield S