American Eagle Silver Dollar Collection

American Silver Eagle Key Dates

Key-date American Eagle silver dollars are the scarcer dates that are usually more difficult to find. These 99.9% silver coins are needed by every collector hoping to build a complete date and mint mark collection. Some of the most popular regular-issue and Proof American Eagle key dates are listed below:

1986 First-Year


While this year is technically not a "key-date," the 1986 Uncirculated and Proof versions of the Silver American Eagle are the first issues of this wildly popular series.



This 1994 issue with a mintage of 4,227,319 marked the first time the production of Uncirculated Silver American Eagles dropped below 5 million.



This 1994 Philadelphia Proof issue is the lowest mintage Proof of the series, with the exception of special edition and reverse proof coins.



Uncirculated Silver American Eagles from 1996 are the series' key date, with a mintage of 3.6 million. This is the lowest regular-issue coin in the series.