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Our Company

"I recently discovered Littleton Coin Company in an Advertisement from the newspaper. I have never purchased anything like coins or stamps but this ad was very interesting so I purchased the item and waited. Upon the arrival of my purchase I was extremely impressed, pleased and satisfied. I recommend Littleton Coin to every to anyone who is interested in coin collecting. The customer service agents that I have dealt with have went above and beyond their pay grades to make sure I had the information and products I was interested in! Thanks Littleton Coins, you guys are great!!" —J.M., Beaumont, TX

"I have to say I don't often do these unless I'm trying warn others of bad experiences and help them to not get ripped off like I most likely did. HOWEVER, with Littleton that has NOT been the case!!!! I was hesitant to order as I've had good experiences with other sites and companies for my numismatic needs but decided to give them a little trust and give Littleton a try. They were fast to process and ship my order which, unfortunately was missing some documented items. I quickly informed the company, calmly who immediately within 24 hours not only responded to me but quickly started a replacement order and sent it to me so that I did in fact receive all my items and at the exact cost promised and all were of good quality and to my satisfaction. I will not hesitate to order through Littleton again. Thank you for being a good company and handling things as they should be!" —B.D., Maitland, MO

"I'm thrilled to begin my coin collecting experience through your company. My grandson and I are starting our collection together – something to bridge the generations. He is just six years old, so it should be a long-lived journey filled with excitement and anticipation." —K.S., Spokane, WA

"Thank you for being there for me. I have always been fascinated with coins. Now I can have the help of experts like you to help me better understand coin collecting. I wish I had found Littleton many years ago. Thank you again. I am looking forward to what is coming to my mailbox next time from Littleton." —W.W., Carson City, NV

"Your prices are great. Coins are beautiful, and the service is outstanding. Your staff is very dedicated and efficient. I am very happy to be one of your customers!" —G.N., Jasper, IN

"How long has it been? I have reconnected to Littleton as a past customer in your "stamp collecting" sales. I still have those stamps and subsequent collection. Now as a ANA member I am collecting U.S. coins and renewed myself as your customer. Littleton began in 1945 the year I was born. I trusted you back then and I trust you in the presence. About 64 years. I was a Boy Scout back then working on my first merit badges and now I am a retired professional beginning a new hobby. Thank you for surviving as a business and your overall good management and integrity. Congratulations." —D.S., Schertz, TX

Virtual Albums

"I love the new virtual albums. Keeps me on track of my collection. Keep up the good work." —T.D., Winchester, IN

Customer Service

"I am fairly a new customer to Littleton Coin Company. You could say a novice to coin collecting. I like the fact that when I get my new catalog, and it's time to order all I usually do is call. I know I'll be treated like a good friend. I also want to tell you, and other people who want to start this hobby to use Littleton. I want to thank you for all your help and guidance. I have learned a lot from knowledgeable people I have spoken to on phone. Thanks" —D.R., Holden, MA

"To say that I have had issues with UPS would be saying the least I feel like saying, a couple weeks back my order from Littleton came in damaged, I shot off a complaint to the Post Office with no response, I don't think they care about their customer service, that evening was going to turn into a bad evening until I called customer service at Littleton. I cannot say enough about how wonderful they treated me, they took care of everything, sent me a Postage Paid Label, told me step by step what to do and I got my replacement order in the mail yesterday. It was probably the most satisfying experience I have had with any customer service ever, thank you Littleton for turning something bad into something good, I am off to do my next order." —V.M., Louisville, KY

"I wish to say that I found comfort in the message you sent to me on Sep 13th. I have gone back and looked at your message many times after everything that happened in South and North Carolina and many other areas... I will get back with you when I can continue my Littleton coin purchases." —R.C., Kershaw, SC

"Littleton is great! I am especially pleased with their fast delivery as well as their extremely polite and very helpful customer service representatives." —J.F., Ogilvie, MN

"You are a great company with great customer service. I know I don't buy much compared to other customers I'm sure, but I feel I'm treated as one of your best customers... Thank you again." —M.M., Hartford, AL

"I recently made a mistake and accidentally overpaid for a monthly shipment. You all resolved this issue very promptly, and it was credited back to my account today. I am very impressed with Littleton's service and customer representatives. They were very courteous and knew the answers to all of my questions. Super job! There is no doubt in my mind that Littleton's Coin Co. is #1!"—B.W., Yankton, SD

"I am very pleased with the services and the friendliness of the staff at Littleton. My wife and I enjoy the coins so much, we can hardly wait for the next shipment to arrive. Around our house, it's like Christmas every month. If my wife and I ever get the chance to go to New Hampshire, we would very much like to stop in and say hello to everyone. Again, thanks for excellent service, and keep it up." —D.P., Columbus, OH

"When I write an e-mail, I get a reply the very next day. Most companies make you wait for days, if they even get back to you at all. Littleton has really impressed me with their response time... I really enjoy variety in my collecting, and Littleton provides me with that. I also like being able to ask for specific items and having Littleton do the work of finding them for me." —L.B., Fort Polk, LA

Quality Standards

"I have not found another coin company that has given me 150% on the coins I bought. I have told others about this coin company and will continue to do so. I will continue to use you as my number one provider." —J.F., Sapulpa, OK

"I would like to say that your Roman coins are far superior to any that I've gotten from other coin companies and are much more affordable for their great quality. I really look forward to getting these beautiful old coins each month. Thank you!" —P.F., Guymon, OK

"The coins received were fabulous, I appreciate the condition in which they were received. Excellent packaging and service. Thank you." —S.G., Altoona, PA


"I'm finding that I can always trust your company. You have friendly service, and you save me money. I love receiving Profit Shares. Not only are prices low, I can receive FREE merchandise, too!" —I.P., Centerreach, NY

"I, as a nine-year-old coin collector, think that Littleton Coin Company is the best and the cheapest way to start a coin collection. You have very good deals." —L.M., Miami, FL

"I am a novice in coin collecting, don't have a specific coin, design, era that I'm particularly interested in. I just like some coins and not others. Littleton gives me a wide range of coins to choose from at reasonable prices. The only thing that I don't like about the coins on approval option is having to pay for postage to receive the coins and then having to pay for postage to return any coins I do not select. I can see in the future that I might not be able to select a particular coin because I have to already pay for the shipping to receive the coin." —R.B., Lakeland, FL

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