Littleton Coin Company's Quality Standards

Littleton Coin Company Grading

Hear what LCC President David Sundman has to say about Littleton's quality in this video

What makes a coin good enough to be a ‘Littleton’?

In this rewarding hobby, collectors are meticulous and their expectations are high. To be in business since 1945, and remain as one of America’s favorite coin companies, means that in addition to delivering coins and paper money that steadily meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, we must consistently deliver superior-quality service.

“I would like to tell Littleton that they are the premier coin company in America. They give you complete and total satisfaction, courteous service, prompt delivery, and above all the best grading system I have ever seen!” – G.C., Connersville, IN

Littleton scrutinizes millions of coins each year!

[photo: coin grader at work]

Alex examines some classic Liberty Walking half dollars before they go to inventory.

Littleton buyers travel 100,000 miles each year seeking the finest coins and paper money to offer our collectors. Each year we examine millions of coins. Our in-house staff of coin buyers and graders – one of the most experienced and respected in the hobby – scrutinizes each and every coin! Only after each one is carefully examined by our experts is it added to our inventory. Littleton’s tough grading standards mean that we reject nearly 50% of the coins we look at. That’s approximately 5 million coins a year that we’ve painstakingly and thoroughly studied only to determine that they are not good enough to be a ‘Littleton.’ So this is why millions of collectors throughout America only want ‘Littletons’ for their collections.

[infographic: coin rejection rates]
[photo: Littleton's coin buyers: Jim, Butch and Ken]

Our expert buyers Butch, Jim and Ken scrutinize each and every coin for your collection.

Our fussiness means that you are guaranteed that every coin you buy has met rigorous standards, so you get what you pay for and then some! Every coin that earns the ‘Littleton’ name comes with a 45‑Day Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. And our famous, unbeatable, friendly service is second to none.