The Big Sky Hoard

Fascinating Facts at a Glance!

  • Hoard weighs in at 5.6 tons
  • Contains 223,000 Eisenhower dollars
  • Valued at over $1 million
  • Discovered in a basement vault of a Montana Bank
    • Tucked away by a sole collector
    • Hidden for over 30 years
  • Most still in pristine Uncirculated condition
  • Stacked one on top of another, the coins in the hoard would measure 2,090 feet high. This is...
    • Almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower
    • Taller than the Empire State Building
  • Stacked next to each other, the coins would stretch over 5 miles. This is the same length as 77 football fields!

Littleton acquires amazing "Big Sky Hoard"

Obverse of an Eisenhower Dollar
from the Big Sky Hoard

LITTLETON, NH – December 12, 2011. After thirty years in a Montana bank vault, a previously unknown hoard of over 220,000 Eisenhower dollars was recently revealed! Put away years ago by a prominent Montana family, most of the coins in this remarkable hoard were still in original mint-sewn bags...

These dollar coins avoided the usual movement and handling of bags between mints, the Federal Reserve and local banks. And they escaped the widespread use of "Ike" dollars in gaming machines and casinos throughout the West. Left untouched for three decades in a bank basement vault, many of the coins have been carefully preserved in Gem-quality condition with exceptional eye appeal!

You'll soon have first chance at the nicest coins in the hoard!

As you're reading this, our expert buyers are carefully examining these Eisenhower dollars and hand selecting the nicest coins for Littleton's customers. Keep an eye out for special offers arriving soon, and enjoy the first opportunity to own the "cream of the crop" coins in this exciting, historic Eisenhower dollar hoard!

Littleton Coin buys 5.6 ton hoard of Eisenhower dollars!

Most of the coins found were in original mint-sewn bags

LITTLETON, NH – December 5, 2011. After more than thirty long years tucked away in the basement vault of a Montana bank, the largest known hoard of Eisenhower "Ike" dollars has just been uncovered! This group of nearly a quarter of a million coins was recently acquired from a western collector by Littleton Coin Company of Littleton, NH.

Dubbed the "Big Sky Hoard", most of the coins in this super-sized collection were found still in their original mint-sewn bags, untouched by the wear and tear of general circulation. Shipped from the Denver Mint right to the Helena, Montana Federal Reserve Bank, the coins missed the traditional movement between the mint and local banks, and escaped the widespread use of "Ike" dollars in western casinos. Big, shiny and handsome, the vast majority are still brilliant Uncirculated even though nearly four decades have passed.

Hidden Hoard yields over 220,000 coins!

Recently transported to Littleton Coin's New Hampshire headquarters, Littleton employees carefully moved the 223 mint bags to the coin examining area. The enormous hoard, unheard of in the trade, may very well result in rare finds for the coin series. Littleton's expert coin buyers are still examining the coins in the collection as they open each sealed bag.

Littleton's senior buyer, Ken Westover, flew to Montana to view the hoard

Littleton's senior buyer, Ken Westover, who traveled with staff to Montana to view the hoard, has overseen the purchase and transport of the amazing discovery. "In all my years in the business, I've never come across anything quite like this." He added that "the quality of these coins is truly remarkable!" Now, he's excited to help get these beautiful coins into the hands of collectors.

223 mint bags were transported to Littleton

This once in a lifetime discovery is valued at well over $1 million dollars retail. Company president, David Sundman, was pleased with his team's purchase. He added, "This is the largest group of Ike dollars we've ever bought at one time. And the fact that they're still in original mint-sewn bags makes it a very neat deal. I couldn't be happier that our buyers continue to discover such amazing finds. We'll be working hard to make these sensational coins available for our customers beginning in January 2012."

Littleton is a family-owned business started in 1945. Over the past 66 years, the company has grown to become one of the largest retail buyers and sellers of coins and paper money in the world. Littleton is known for providing friendly, reliable and expert service to collectors nationwide. Check back soon for more information!

Littleton President David Sundman sits among mint-sewn bags from the fabulous Big Sky Hoard.