World Coins

Whether you are just starting or prefer a more traditional approach to collecting world coins, you can never go wrong with gold and silver bullion. Or you can opt for traditional issues, special releases, foreign restrikes and more. Our treasure chests and grab bags are always popular, especially with new collectors. And to make building your collection of world coins even easier, you can join one of our World Coin Clubs.

Also, don't overlook the chance to add interest to your world coin collection with issues from the Manila Mint in the Philippines. These pieces hold a special claim to fame. They are the only minted coins from around the world that were legal tender in both the U.S. and another country!

World Coin Art

The sky is the limit when it comes to the many different metals, designs and even shapes used by foreign mints for their circulating and commemorative coins. See how many world coins you can identify in this article in our Heads & Tails blog.

Just like world government printing houses are leading the way with polymer notes, foreign mints have adopted new techniques for striking coins, including such advances as photo-luminescence technology and color-shifting ink. You can discover a sampling of such innovative world coins here.

The popularity of modern coins of the world endures because they are legal tender backed by a foreign government. Often the purity of precious metals used to strike these coins is of the highest value. And commemorative coins are issued in limited mintages – always a plus for collectors! Collectors also love world coins for their designs, especially those featuring animals. This Heads &Tails article looks at world coins that celebrate wild animals from around the globe and from ancient civilizations to the present.

Coins of the world pay tribute to popular culture

Animals found in the wild – many iconic to specific foreign countries – are not the only motifs to be found on the reverses of world coins. There have also been many Peace-themed coins struck by foreign mints. And take a look at these "lucky coins" from around the world!

Just as world paper currency enjoys tremendous eye appeal because of colored ink and threads, so, too, do coins of the world on whose surfaces color is increasingly being applied. Littleton's bloggers took a look at a number of world coins that have been colorized. And just for fun, check out coins from around the world used in this foreign custom known as the money cake tradition!