Gold & Silver Bullion

Some of the most popular collectibles today are pieces crafted from precious metals like gold and silver! Bullion pieces are not only prized for their intrinsic value, but also celebrate a wide range of subjects. From stunning legal tender bullion coins like gold and silver American Eagles to rounds and bars celebrating important anniversaries and occasions, there's a precious gold bullion or silver bullion piece for every personal collection. Plus, bullion make great gifts that will be treasured for years to come!

Buy Bullion Coins, Rounds and Bars Crafted From Precious Metal

The term "bullion coins" covers an impressive range of designs. These bullion include beloved American Eagles in 99.9% pure silver and 91.67% fine gold, as well as genuine 24k Gold American Buffalo coins. Several world mints issue bullion coins as well – including the Australian Kookaburra, Great Britain's Britannia and the China Panda series.

These gold bullion and silver bullion pieces stand out from rounds and bars because they carry legal tender status, meaning they're produced by official government-backed mints and could be used to purchase items. However, using these gold and silver bullion coins to buy items at face value is not common practice, since their intrinsic value is worth far more than their face value. With their precious metal content and beautifully detailed designs, gold and silver bullion stand among the world's most sought-after coins!

Bullion Rounds

A growing area of the numismatic hobby lies in bullion rounds. Though they tend to look like gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins, rounds have no legal tender value. This type of bullion is still struck in high-quality precious metal, however. (Generally, silver rounds are struck with a 99.9% purity.)

Since bullion rounds are coined by private mints, their subject matter is nearly limitless. Popular silver rounds have been issued honoring classic coinage, holidays, hobo nickel designs, famous artwork, religious sentiments, popular movies and more.

Bullion Bars

Similar to rounds, bullion bars are thin, rectangular ingots struck in quality precious metal. Bars feature their weight and purity and display handsome designs, and often honor a particular theme (like this worldly series honoring important landmarks from around the globe). Some bullion pieces even leave room to have a name or personal message inscribed (engraving not available through Littleton). This makes bullion bars a great way to celebrate a special event or one of life's milestones!