World Paper Money

Many collectors appreciate world paper money because of the designs, which can be quite intricate and attractive. World paper currency also reflects a collector's individual taste, or aesthetic. Some designs have even won awards in international competitions! With a wide selection of new and historic world paper money for sale in single notes and sets spanning years, nations and grades, Littleton makes it easy to buy world paper money. Start or update your world paper money collection today!

Collecting Paper Money from around the world

Most paper money from around the world is extremely colorful, and therefore collectors often save it from their global travels. Others assemble a heritage world paper money collection based on family genealogies. And some world paper money goes back far enough in history to be part of a revolution, like these French notes from the late 18th century.

Many foreign mints with printing offices are on the cutting edge of producing polymer bank notes. Polymer has two key advantages over traditional paper when it comes to world paper money: (1) it lasts longer, and (2) it offers more technical opportunities for embedding security features in a bank note's design to prevent counterfeiting.

World paper money is a great way to add history and geography to any collection. Which is why our experts work hard to bring you a superb selection of paper money from around the world.