Statehood Quarters Collection Coin Checklist

[photo: Statehood Quarter; mint mark location is on the obverse.]

Statehood Quarter; mint mark location is on the obverse.

Start your 1999-2008 Statehood quarter collection off right with this handy checklist! While many people choose to start their collection with just one coin of each design, others like to assemble complete Uncirculated sets with coins from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. When you also consider Clad and Silver Proof issues from San Francisco, your potential collection expands even further...

However you choose to collect America's Statehood quarters, this checklist is designed to keep you organized. If you'd simply like to collect one of each design, scroll down to use our Statehood Quarters Starter Collection checklist. It's organized by year, with the coins listed in their order of issue. Just check off the box beside the state design you're adding to your collection – it's that simple! If you'd like to print the checklist to carry with you, we have printer-friendly options available further down on this page.

If your collection is more inclusive, you can download the complete Statehood Commemorative Quarter Checklist. Just like the starter checklist, this full-length version features every state organized by year. But this version has columns for both regular issues from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, as well as the clad and 90% silver Proofs from San Francisco. As you add to your collection, simply locate the state, then check off the box next to the appropriate issue for your coin. It's that easy!

The most important part of any collecting endeavor is to have fun. And the possibilities for a Statehood quarter collection are almost limitless! These checklists simply offer a helpful place to start. Learn more about America's Statehood quarters and their groundbreaking designs.

Please note: Statehood Quarters for circulation were minted in Philadelphia and Denver and are referred to as P and D, respectively. Read more about the U.S. Mints.

Statehood Quarters Starter Collection

Also available: our complete Statehood Quarters Checklist

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The First Year of Issue: 1999

Delaware P or D Delaware
Pennsylvania P or D Pennsylvania
New Jersey P or D New Jersey
Georgia P or D Georgia
Connecticut P or D Connecticut

The Second Year: 2000

Massachusetts P or D Massachusetts
Maryland P or D Maryland
South Carolina P or D South Carolina
New Hampshire P or D New Hampshire
Virginia P or D Virginia

The Third Year: 2001

New York P or D New York
North Carolina P or D North Carolina
Rhode Island P or D Rhode Island
Vermont P or D Vermont
Kentucky P or D Kentucky

The Fourth Year: 2002

Tennessee P or D Tennessee
Ohio P or D Ohio
Louisiana P or D Louisiana
Indiana P or D Indiana
Mississippi P or D Mississippi

The Fifth Year: 2003

Illinois P or D Illinois
Alabama P or D Alabama
Maine P or D Maine
Missouri P or D Missouri
Arkansas P or D Arkansas

The Sixth Year: 2004

Michigan P or D Michigan
Florida P or D Florida
Texas P or D Texas
Iowa P or D Iowa
Wisconsin P or D Wisconsin

The Seventh Year: 2005

California P or D California
Minnesota P or D Minnesota
Oregon P or D Oregon
Kansas P or D Kansas
West Virginia P or D West Virginia

The Eighth Year: 2006

Nevada P or D Nevada
Nebraska P or D Nebraska
Colorado P or D Colorado
North Dakota P or D North Dakota
South Dakota P or D South Dakota

The Ninth Year: 2007

Montana P or D Montana
Washington P or D Washington
Idaho P or D Idaho
Wyoming P or D Wyoming
Utah P or D Utah

The Tenth Year: 2008

Oklahoma P or D Oklahoma
New Mexico P or D New Mexico
Arizona P or D Arizona
Alaska P or D Alaska
Hawaii P or D Hawaii