Morgan Silver Dollars Collection Coin Checklist

[photo: Morgan Silver Dollar]

Morgan silver dollar; mint mark location is on the reverse.

This coin checklist is meant to help you start a Morgan Silver Dollars Collection. Most Morgan dollar coin collections are created by collecting one dollar of each date and mint mark combination (1886-S, 1901-O, etc.), with the end goal of having one example of each combination for every year in the series. Many people add to their collections by including well-known errors and varieties.

You can choose coins for your collection in any way and any order that you wish, or you can try our easy method for new collectors:

Look at the checklist. Beginning with the year 1878, pick one mint mark from those listed to collect. Then, move on to the next date. When you have finished the checklist, you will have one Morgan dollar from every year of the series, for a total of 28 coins. At that point you can begin expanding your collection by returning to this checklist and acquiring the remaining mint marks for each year, as well as any errors or variations you find interesting (see Key Dates). You can also download our complete Morgan Dollar Checklist to track your growing collection.

For any coin, it is best to pick the highest grade you can afford given your budget and the size of your collection (see our grading guide). Most importantly, remember to have fun! This checklist is simply a helpful place to start – Morgan silver dollar collecting is almost limitless in its variety. As your knowledge increases, you'll find your own favorite coins and ways to build a collection as unique as your imagination!.

Please note: Morgan silver dollars have been minted in Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Denver and are referred to as (P), CC, O, S, and D, respectively. However, mintage histories vary and not every date exists for each mint. Remember that Morgan dollars from Philadelphia do not carry a mint mark and are referred to without a P in their name. Read more about the U.S. Mints.

Morgan Silver Dollars Starter Collection

Also available: our complete Morgan Dollar Checklist

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  Date Mint Marks  
1878 (P), CC, or S 1878
1879 (P), CC, O, or S 1879
1880 (P), CC, O, or S 1880
1881 (P), CC, O, or S 1881
1882 (P), CC, O, or S 1882
1883 (P), CC, O, or S 1883
1884 (P), CC, O, or S 1884
1885 (P), CC, O, or S 1885
1886 (P), O, or S 1886
1887 (P), O, or S 1887
1888 (P), O, or S 1888
1889 (P), CC, O, or S 1889
1890 (P), CC, O, or S 1890
1891 (P), CC, O, or S 1891
1892 (P), CC, O, or S 1892
1893 (P), CC, O, or S 1893
1894 (P), O, or S 1894
1895 (P), O, or S 1895
1896 (P), O, or S 1896
1897 (P), O, or S 1897
1898 (P), O, or S 1898
1899 (P), O, or S 1899
1900 (P), O, or S 1900
1901 (P), O, or S 1901
1902 (P), O, or S 1902
1903 (P), O, or S 1903
1904 (P), O, or S 1904
1921 (P), D, or S 1921