Littleton's 56th birthday celebration

Littleton Coin Company founder Maynard Sundman, with his son David,
officers and over 300 employees at the company's 56th birthday celebration.

Littleton Coin Company celebrates 56th Birthday

Littleton, NH - Fifty-six years ago a husband returned from war to his wife, and they set out by train to the northern New Hampshire town of Littleton, a town his wife had selected as the site to begin their future business and home. When Littleton Coin Company was opened on December 3, 1945, Maynard and Fannie Sundman began a journey that took them longer and further than either could have imagined.

In celebrating 56 years of business, Maynard and Fannie's son David, now president of Littleton Coin Company, Inc., said, "In these difficult times for our nation, we are especially fortunate to offer our customers all over the USA a patriotic American product, and a hobby that they find a welcome, relaxing diversion, an activity that relieves stress and anxiety."

The business started by Maynard and Fannie evolved from its humble beginnings on a card table in a two-room office in 1945, to become one of the world's leading providers of collectible coins and paper money. Now Littleton Coin employs over 300 people and occupies a 65,000-square-foot building.