Littleton Coin Employees Naomi, Katherine and Robert enjoyed tasty treats while supporting a worthy cause. The one-day employee bake sale raised $4,000 for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Littleton employees turn cookies into cash
$4,000 raised for victims of Hurricane Katrina

LITTLETON – New Orleans has a special place in the hearts of employees of Littleton Coin Company. After all, it’s the home of the famed New Orleans Mint, once producer of some of the nation’s most historic coins. With the news of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, folks at the company wanted to help. On Friday, September 9, employees held a one-day bake sale. They used their favorite recipes for muffins, pies and cookies to raise funds for Katrina’s victims. Participants cheered as the tally for the day was announced at $2,000! Then, Chief Financial Officer Ed Hennessey declared that the company would match the funds. In all, Littleton Coin Company raised $4,000 for the American Red Cross.

Employees at the company have a history of helping those in need. In addition to an annual fundraiser that benefits America’s hungry children, the group recently raised $3,000 for victims of the tragic 2004 tsunami. To learn how you can contribute to the Red Cross relief effort, visit them at