Littleton Predicts Reagan Coin Could Circulate Soon

Littleton, NH - With quick introduction of legislation in Congress, or a decision by the U.S. Treasury Department to make a design change on its own, coins or paper money depicting former President Ronald Reagan could be in circulation within a year, according to David M. Sundman, President of Littleton Coin Co. of Littleton, New Hampshire. Several public opinion polls conducted by the company indicate collectors want Reagan's image in pocket change.

"In the last six decades, three former Presidents have been honored on our pocket change shortly after their deaths.  So, it is likely we could have an image of Ronald Reagan on a coin or bank note later this year or early next year," explained Sundman.

"Franklin D. Roosevelt's portrait was placed on dimes in 1946 soon after his death; John F. Kennedy replaced Benjamin Franklin on half dollars in 1964 only a few month's after JFK's 1963 assassination; and Dwight D. Eisenhower's image was placed on $1 denomination coins in 1971, two years after his death," said Sundman.

Reagan repeatedly was one of the public's top choices to be honored on a coin when Littleton Coin Co. conducted informal opinion polls in 1995, 2000 and again in 2003, asking collectors who they would like to see depicted on United States coins.

"Reagan was the number one choice by a wide margin in the last two polls, followed by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Teddy Roosevelt," said Sundman.

"I wouldn't be surprised if months from now you could hear people say, 'Got change for a Reagan?,' or 'How many Reagans equal a dollar?'"

Littleton Coin Co. is a family-owned business started in 1945 by Sundman's father and Mother, Maynard and Fannie Sundman.  The dealership has grown the past half-century into one of the largest coin companies in the world.

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