Littleton Coin announces Outstanding Employees of 2014

Littleton Coin Company 2014 Quality Award winners – Top Row L-R: Ed Hennessey, CFO; John Hennessey, VP Marketing & HR; Carol Stevens, HR Director; Mike Morelli, COO
Bottom Row L-R: Chris Willey, Rick Songdahl, Regan Hite, Abigail Watrud, Patty Bean

– Littleton, NH – Littleton Coin Company recently announced the outstanding achievements of five employees who have shown their commitment to quality throughout the year. The Quality and Suggestion Awards were presented by Chief Operating Officer, Mike Morelli, and Human Resources Director, Carol Stevens.

COO, Mike Morelli announces Chris Willey as Littleton Coin's 2014 Quality Award winner

Chris Willey, who works in Littleton's Coin Grading department, was named the 2014 Quality Award winner. An employee since 2003, he was noted for his accuracy, efficiency and expertise grading in excess of 350,000 coins last year. His commitment to excellence and positive attitude was said to be an inspiration to his peers. Runners up included Abigail Watrud of Littleton's Customer Service department, who expertly handled nearly 15,000 customer phone calls. Mailing team leader Regan Hite was applauded for his 99.95% production quality rate and exceptional training skills. Rick Songdahl, from Littleton's Customer Care group, was commended for his initiative, decision making skills and friendliness in helping customers.

Littleton Coin encourages employee suggestions and received over 59 entries in 2014. Director of Inventory, Jackie Fulford, recognized Patricia Bean from the Assembly department as the winner of this year's Suggestion Award. Patty recommended an innovative way to automate a manual procedure. Her suggestion was implemented and had a tremendous impact on efficiency resulting in a cost savings of over $6,000 annually.

These five recipients are exemplary employees who consistently put in extra effort to benefit Littleton Coin and its customers. For their efforts, they each received a cash award and a premier parking space for the year.

Littleton Coin Company was founded by Maynard and Fannie Sundman in 1945. The company currently employs over 320 area residents in a variety of interesting professions. To learn more about Littleton Coin Company, visit our website at