Red Cross Bloodmobile makes a stop at Littleton Coin!

American Red Cross Bloodmobile

Employees board the Red Cross bloodmobile bus at Littleton Coin

Littleton Coin employee donates blood

Littleton Coin employee Theresa Wentworth donates blood at the LCC blood drive

– Littleton, NH – Employees of the Littleton Coin Company were greeted last Thursday by a large blue bus in the parking lot. But, this was no average bus. It was the American Red Cross bloodmobile – a colorful, self-contained donor coach that's fully equipped to accept blood donations in a safe, hygienic mobile setting. It can go virtually anywhere a bus can travel, including the Littleton Coin parking lot! The event was an initiative from the Littleton Coin Community Service team who worked with local Red Cross representatives to recruit and organize volunteers. Over 40 employees donated their time and their blood for the event and a free lunch was provided by the company to all participants. According to the American Red Cross, just one pint of blood can help save up to three people. To find out how you can donate, contact

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