LCC sponsors Cleanup Day

Employees help spruce up the neighborhood

Littleton Coin team members Kelly Colbeth
and Kierstin Egan report for roadside cleanup duty

– Littleton, NH – As the sun begins to shine and spring takes hold, it's time to clear away trash and bring some beauty to the community. And if you work for Littleton Coin Company, when you help spruce up the neighborhood, you get paid for your service.

As part of Littleton Coin's Community Service program, employees get paid for up to 8 hours of service annually. Employees can participate in the company's organized volunteer events or choose any area non-profit organization to donate their time to. This year, over 25 of them chose neighborhood cleanup day as a way to spend these service hours. Despite the rain, they pitched in to do roadside cleanup and plant flowers at several locations in Littleton's Industrial Park. According to Ed Hennessey, LCC CFO, the community service program is a "win-win, as both the employees and the community reap the benefits. We're consistently proud of employees and the way they give back to the community."

Littleton Coin Company employs over 325 area residents in a variety of interesting and challenging positions. For more information visit or call our job line at: 603-444-4200.

Left to Right: Chantel Randall, Cindy Dyke, Cheryl LaPoint, Dawn Tholl, Carol Stevens, Kathleen Burns, Diana Brooks and Barb Deming add a little color to the Littleton Industrial Park