Standing Liberty Quarters

The Standing Liberty quarter, also known as the Liberty Standing quarter, is the shortest American quarter series of the 20th century. Minted for just 15 years, it remains a historic collector favorite to this day.

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More About Standing Liberty Quarters

Introduced in 1916, Standing Liberty quarters caused an uproar upon their debut due to their depiction of Liberty with one breast bared. The design was modified the following year, and for the rest of the series Liberty wore a chain mail shirt.

Despite this initial controversy, the series was beloved by Americans, circulating during the tumultuous years of World War I, the Roaring Twenties and early 1930s. The detailed obverse design of the Standing Liberty coin features Lady Liberty standing in a gate holding a shield in one hand and an olive branch in the other, while the reverse depicts the iconic American eagle in flight.

The series ran until 1930, and these coins are seldom seen today. Standing Liberty quarters are highly sought after by collectors – order now to add them to your collection!