Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Also known as the Walking Liberty half dollar, the Liberty Walking half dollar is widely considered America's most beautiful silver coin and a highly sought-after collectible. And with the image of Liberty welcoming the dawn of a new day on the obverse, it is easy to see why.

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More About Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Struck in 90% silver, the Liberty Walking half dollar is revered for both its beautiful imagery and the inspirational meaning behind it. Issued 1916-1947, the Walking Liberty silver half dollar was minted throughout some of the most iconic periods of U.S. history. The coin's obverse depicts Liberty striding towards the dawn of a new day. The reverse features a bald eagle perched defiantly on a rocky crag beside a mountain pine, sending a message that the U.S. was ready to defend itself against all foes. The beloved half dollar's Walking Liberty design helped inspire the American people through two world wars and the Great Depression.