Silver Rounds, Bars & Other Bullion

Legal tender bullion coins are always popular favorites. However, they're not the only way to add precious silver to your collection. Poured, cast and minted silver bars and silver rounds are typically 99.9% pure or higher.

Here you'll find a wide selection of coin-shaped silver rounds, rectangular silver bars and other shaped pieces. Many feature popular themes and eye-catching designs. And each bears its purity and weight, which can range from a few grams to one ounce – to a whopping quarter pound or more!

Silver Bars

Due to their angular shape, silver bars are ideal for celebrating classic coin designs in an exciting new way. And many of our silver bars for sale make perfect canvases for dramatic nature scenes, famous world landmarks, religious themes, handsome replicas of popular silver certificates and more.

Silver Rounds

Don't overlook silver rounds when it comes to appreciating a coin's storytelling details. Silver rounds are often larger than circulating coins, and their big backdrops give you ample opportunity to enjoy the finer workmanship that goes into a coin's design. Many – like our Buffalo silver rounds – honor historic coinage designs, making them popular with those series' collectors.

Bountiful Beauty

Silver bullion content also increases the appeal of a new series. And whether you buy silver rounds or silver bars, messages of hope, comfort, faith and inspiration in silver bullion are timeless!