Seekers of Knowledge Note Set

(10 notes)


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This 10-note collection honors educators, historians, scientists and children as well as innovation from simple tools to engines. You’ll enjoy notes spanning the globe, depicting important educators and institutions like:

  • 10 Dinara, Serbia – highlights Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic the Serbian alphabet creator
  • 20 Kwacha, Malawi – boasts the Teachers Training College building and a set of books
  • 2 Kwacha, Zambia – depicts a school building with a teacher and student
  • 1000 Lire, Italy - features Maria Montessori and a student with a teacher
  • 500 Frans, Rwanda – depicts children studying in front of the country’s National Museum

This Uncirculated 10-note set makes an excellent starter set or addition to a collection. You can also get a 10£ note depicting Charles Darwin – the scientist whose five-year voyage aboard the HMS Beagle discovered exotic fauna south of the equator. Satisfy your need for knowledge with these notes from around the world!