Medals, Tokens and Other Collectibles

In addition to coins, paper money and numismatic supplies, Littleton Coin Company also carries a wide range of other collectibles. Including colorized coins & notes, Native American collectibles, medals and tokens, challenge coins, replicas, stamps, holiday coin ornaments and more.

Colorized Coins and Notes

Littleton offers a variety of colorized coins and notes for your collecting enjoyment. Using specialized technology, our artists handsomely and tastefully transform these coins and notes into miniature works of art that are perfect as gifts or for your own collection.

Medals and Tokens

While they are not legal tender, medals and tokens are often prized by numismatists and other collectors. From official medals struck by the U.S. Mint to private tokens created by individuals and businesses, they offer fascinating glimpses into our nation's history. And collecting them can be both exciting and truly rewarding.

Native American Collectibles

Items with ties to America's indigenous heritage are becoming increasingly popular among collectors. And here at Littleton, you'll find plenty to choose from – including genuine Native American quarters and other currency.

Challenge Coins and More

Littleton also offers a growing number of challenge coins and other collectibles, including holiday ornaments, coin replicas and more. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know. Our friendly staff is always ready to help with all your collecting needs!