Great Britain Farewell to LSD Coinage Collection


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Add a fascinating chapter of coinage history to your collection with this "Farewell to LSD Coinage" set of obsolete, Uncirculated British coins. The letters "LSD" are monetary symbols for the denominations Pound (L), Shilling (S) and Penny (D) in use before Great Britain changed to a decimal coinage system in 1971. You'll receive 9 British coins last issued for circulation over 40 years ago – farthing, half penny, penny, threepence, sixpence, shilling, florin, half crown and crown.

The Uncirculated 9-coin set is sealed and protected in a colorful, informative display folder that allows a clear view of both sides of the coins. Each unique reverse displays an iconic British image, while the common obverses feature a youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Never to be issued again, these coins will add world history and interest to your collection – also makes a great gift!