El Dorado Note Set

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Travel back to the days of conquistadors seeking out the lost gold of El Dorado, with this handsome 3-note set! It’s long been said that El Dorado was home to untold riches, and many dedicated their lives to the quest of unearthing this secret treasure. Now, trek through the wilds of South America, with these 3 Uncirculated notes – each featuring a back design honoring the mythical lost city!

  • Brazil 5 Cruzeiros – back shows Antonio Parreiras’ painting A Conquista do Amazonas
  • Columbia 20 Pesos – depicts artifacts from the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)
  • Columbia 2 Pesos – displays a sculpture of a golden Muisca raft

Featuring detailed designs, these Uncirculated 1962-1977 notes are perfect for anyone who enjoys history – or who dreams of striking it rich. Order now!