Air-Tite Holder, 22mm


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Clear hard-plastic holders allow for airtight, moisture-free protection as well as easy viewing of both sides of your coins. Foam rubber rings hold the coins firmly in place within these popular, high-quality holders. Holds coins 22 mm in diameter (please see list below). Coins are not included.

This Air-Tite holder fits the following popular coin types:

  • U.S. Half Cent (1793)
  • U.S. Twenty Cent
  • U.S. Gold $4
  • U.S. Gold $5 (1835-1838)
  • American 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle
  • American 1/4 oz. Platinum Eagle
  • Euro Twenty Cent
  • Austrian 1/4 oz. Gold Philharmonic
  • China 1/4 oz. Gold Panda
  • South African 1/4 oz. Gold Krugerrand