A.D. 1642-1666 Safavid Dynasty, Abbas II Silver Abassi, Tabriz Mint


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<>Add historical and world interest to your set with an attractive silver Abassi struck during the A.D. 1642-1666 reign of Shah Abbas II (for whom this coin is named). Abbas II was one of the most capable and successful rulers of the Safavid Dynasty – which, at its height, controlled modern-day Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as most of Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia.

Persia (modern Iran) became a cultural mecca under the Safavid Dynasty – where art, architecture, philosophy, science, literature and poetry flourished.

Featuring beautiful Arabic script on the obverse and reverse, this coin was minted in Tabriz, which at one point acted as the Safavid capital. Preserved for over 345 years, this silver coin makes an exciting, affordable addition to your collection!