A.D. 1501-1722 Safavid Persia Silver Abbasi


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Add world history and intrigue to your collection with this silver coin from the mighty Ottoman Empire's most formidable rival! Struck during the 1501-1722 Safavid Dynasty of Persia, this fascinating coin with artistic calligraphy recalls the cultural legacy of the Safavids and the fearsome 300-year cycle of warfare between the Persians and neighboring Ottomans.

During the reign of the Safavids, Persia was an economic stronghold of the Middle East and major trading center between European and Asian powers. It also became a cultural mecca – where art, architecture, philosophy, science, literature and poetry flourished. The influence of Safavid architecture on palaces, boulevards, bridges and gardens can be seen throughout the Mediterranean world today. Persian rugs and carpets from the Safavid Dynasty are treasured for their elaborate colors, intricate designs and acclaimed artistry.

Expand your collection today with this affordable silver coin struck over 290 years ago during one of the Persian Empire's greatest eras!