Your guide to using
Littleton's Virtual Albums

Now it's easier than ever for you to keep tabs on your collection, with Littleton's Virtual Albums! Discover how to create, add coins to and edit your albums. Let's start building your online collection!

View Your Albums

This is your Virtual Albums homepage, where you add new albums to your collection and view all of your saved albums at a glance. It's easy to get here! In  (1) My Account , under  (2) Virtual Albums , click  (3) View My Albums .

Virtual Albums Homepage
Add a New Album

To add an album to your collection, choose  (1) Add New Album  on your homepage. That will bring you to the Add New Album Screen. – select the title you wish to add using the drop down menu, then click  (2) Add . The album you've selected will now show on your Virtual Albums homepage! Click on the cover to see what's inside.

Adding a New Album
Adding a New Album
Adding Coins

When you first create a new album, this is what you'll see. Coins that need to be added will appear shaded with a "+" symbol over them. To add coins to your album: either click  (1) Edit  above the coins, or click on the individual coin you'd like to add. As you add coins, your  (2) album's progress  will automatically update in the title bar above.

Adding Coins
Update Coin Details

Here's your coin detail page. This is where you can choose your coin's grade. You can also add grading information or keep notes about the piece. Then, click  (1) Save Changes  to update your album. If you would like to add an issue to your physical collection, use the  (2) Purchase this coin  button to view it in our online store!

*Please note: for your ease of use, Littleton's Virtual Albums offer a single representative image of each issue.

Updating Coin Details
Edit Coins

Once you've added a coin to your album, it will no longer be shaded on your album page. You can make additional changes to your item's details by clicking the image of the coin, or by using  (1) edit  in the right hand corner above the coins. If you would like to delete an individual coin from a Virtual Album, simply click  Virtual Albums Homepage remove  on the coin you would like to remove.

Edit Coin Details
Removing albums

If you decide to remove an album from your collection down the road, you can do so using the "edit" feature from your Virtual Albums homepage.

Removing Albums


You're on your way to building an exceptional online collection with Littleton's Virtual Albums!

If you have any questions, please let us know.