2023 Cook Islands 50 gram Copper $1 Sparta


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Face the fierce and powerful troops of Sparta with these masterful 2023 Ultra High Relief coins! They honor the renowned ancient warriors from the Greek city-state founded in the 9th century B.C. These well-trained warriors were known for their impressive fighting skills and weapons that have captivated peoples’ imaginations for centuries.

Now, you can harness their power for your collection, with these impressively detailed coins! Issued as legal tender for the Cook Islands, the reverse features a trio of Spartan warriors with Helen – the figure in Greek mythology rumored to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Each obverse depicts “The Return of Helen on a Quadriga”, in a nod to a well-known tale by Homer. Get a $1 coin minted in 50 grams of copper and limited in mintage to just 5,000 pieces. Order quickly for best selection!