2022 Vanuatu Antique Finish 10 Vatu Triceratops


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Here's a coin certain to stand out in any collection! Issued by the island nation of Vanuatu, this impressive, giant-sized coin celebrates the mighty triceratops in Ultra High Relief!

  • 2022 issue measures 60 mm in diameter
  • Special bi-metallic coin features 145 gram copper core between two 5 gram, 99.9% pure silver caps
  • Ultra High Relief and Antique finish bring coin's designs to life in stunning detail
  • Reverse depicts the plant-eating Triceratops, renowned for its 3 horns and armored plating used to defend itself from predators like Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Living in the Cretaceous period over 65 million years ago, Triceratops grew up to 30 feet long, weighed as much as 16,000 lbs. and had one of the largest heads of any land animal
  • Obverse features Vanuatu coat of arms, denomination and a variety of dinosaurs
  • 10 Vatu legal tender for the island nation of Vanuatu
  • Limited mintage of only 1,999 coins worldwide
  • Comes in a handsome box

Perfect for dinosaur lovers and silver collectors alike, this innovative coin is an ideal blend of size, detail, excitement and affordability. But with just 1,999 minted, they're sure to go quickly. Get yours before they, too, are lost in the pages of history!