2021 Isle of Man 3 oz. Silver 5£ Cernunnos Horned God


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Shaped like a Celtic Cross, this stunning, high relief 2021 Antique Finish coin makes a stunning showpiece for your collection. Struck in 3 oz. of 99.9% pure silver, the extra-large 5£ legal tender coin from the Isle of Man depicts Cernunnos – the mighty Pagan god also known as the “Lord of the Wild Things.” Under the pagan belief system, Cernunnos was a wild being associated with animals and nature. He’s shown on the reverse of this elaborate coin as a half-man, half-stag. Cernunnos is shown accompanied by a snake and holding a torque – a sacred neck ornament revered as a symbol of wealth and power.

The intricate obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by mesmerizing Celtic designs. A mere 999 of these Antique Finish coins were struck for collectors. Each piece comes in a display case with a certificate of authenticity. Strictly limited mintage paired with a popular theme – order now to secure yours!