2021 Ghana Titanium 2 Cedis Titans of American Innovation - Thomas Alva Edison


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Discover a new world of collecting with this Uncirculated bi-colored 2021 titanium coin that honors the inventor and industrialist, Thomas Alva Edison. It’s the fourth in a dramatic series, Titans of American Innovation.

With his name on 1,093 U.S. patents, Edison is credited with transmission improvements to the telegraph, telephone and stock ticker. He created the nation’s first electric light system, and was a co-founder of General Electric Co. Edison improved the process of making Portland building cement and launched the first commercially successful phonograph company. He designed the first equipment for filming and projecting motion pictures at his sprawling R&D laboratory in West Orange, NJ that employed 10,000.

Add this unique 2 Cedis titanium coin from Ghana that commemorates the innovator Thomas A. Edison to your collection today!