2020 Solomon Islands Half Dollar American Frieze Collection


Customer Reviews

Make a statement with this impressive 19-piece collection! It depicts the U.S. Capitol’s Rotunda as an artful display, with 18-fan-shaped half dollar coins. When laid together as a ring, these coins compose the first verse of the U.S. national anthem. The individual pieces depict different events in America’s history, from the Landing of Columbus to the Birth of Aviation. Each of the 18-copper-zinc coins is legal tender in the Solomon Islands.

At the center of the display is a zinc medal that’s just over 3" in diameter! One side shows the Mayflower with pilgrims coming ashore, while the other depicts a pilgrim’s profile with the legend pilgrim fathers and the dual dates 1620-2020. Each half dollar coin is struck in detailed high relief, and the entire set comes presented in a handsome display. With a limited mintage of just 9,999, you’ll want to claim yours now!