2020-2021 Complete Titans of American Innovation Set with Folder


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Now you can own the complete 12-coin set of bi-colored 2 Cedis coins struck in 15g of lustrous titanium – stronger than steel, but lighter in weight. Each one honors a Titan of American innovations whose scientific breakthrough changed lives over the course of three centuries. The reverses feature innovators Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Telsa, and many more. Struck 2020-2021 in Ghana, the obverses feature Queen Elizabeth II.

Also offered here for the first time is the final issue honoring William B. Kouwenhoven. With an engineering degree, the German immigrant’s research focused on saving lives through the application of electricity. Partnering with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine's Department of Surgery, he developed a closed-chest defibrillator that has since been used to save countless lives.

Update your collection with this final issue. Or, get the complete 12-coin set that comes with a FREE folder (a $29.95 value) filled with fascinating facts on each inventor. Plus, for a limited time you’ll SAVE off the regular price. Makes a great present. Order now!