2009 Colorized Northern Mariana Islands Territories Quarter


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Following the highly successful Statehood quarter program, this Northern Mariana Islands issue is the last of six new 2009 quarters honoring D.C. and the U.S. Territories. This coin is in vibrant color thanks to Littleton's artists!

  • Honors the Northern Mariana Islands (located east of the Philippines) as a U.S. Territory
  • Invaded and captured from Japan during WWII, gaining U.S. commonwealth status in 1975 and U.S. Territory status in 1986
  • Depicts a latte stone pillar near the shore, a traditional Carolinian canoe, and two native birds
  • Enhanced in natural tones and hues

This stunning colorized 2009 Northern Mariana Islands quarter makes a great addition to your own collection, or a fantastic gift – order today!