1998 Algeria 500 Dinars Note


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Celebrate one of the world’s most innovative military achievements with this Algerian 500 Dinars bank note honoring the Carthaginian commander who led a fifteen-year campaign against Ancient Rome. Emboldened by the use of his mighty war elephants, stories of Hannibal’s military genius and unconventional strategies are still told today. As Rome’s most notorious enemy, Hannibal led his forces boldly across the Italian Alps with the help of these massive beasts. Issued in 1998 by Bank El-Djazair, the face of this note portrays an epic battle of Hannibal’s soldiers and elephants against the Romans. The back of the note depicts Hannibal’s mounted elephants, the Hammam Chellala waterfalls in Constantine and the tomb of the Numidian king, Massinissa.

Each Uncirculated note offered here comes with a story card highlighting the history of Algeria. Get your note today and honor the strategic genius of Hannibal in your collection!