1995-S U.S. Mint Prestige Proof Set (7 coins)


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Remember the heroes of the past, with this 1995-S Civil War Battlefields Prestige Proof Set! This set captures the Civil War in a way few others can. That's because it includes 2 special commemorative coins not found in regular Proof Sets! Each recalls the patriotism, honor, and valor of the Blue and the Gray. With this 7-coin set, you get:

  • Civil War Battlefield Preservation Commemorative Clad Half Dollar - Obverse depicts youthful drummer boy. Reverse shows battlefield and cannon with inscription ENRICHING OUR FUTURE BY PRESERVING THE PAST.
  • Civil War Battlefield Preservation Commemorative 90% Silver Dollar - Obverse portrays soldier raising canteen to lips of wounded foe. Reverse bears quote from Gettysburg hero Joshua Chamberlain.
  • 5 stunning Proofs - One of each coin struck for circulation: cent, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar.
  • Official U.S. Mint presentation case with certificate of authenticity.

Each coin features frosted details and mirrorlike backgrounds. Plus, each bears the coveted "S" mint mark. Hurry - only 107,112 of these sets were issued. And at this price, they're sure to go fast!